Yard Sign Rental Business STARTER Kit (Y-0183)

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Yard Sign Rental Business STARTER Kit (231 pcs - Letters, Numbers & Decors + 150 Metal Stakes)

A birthday yard sign business kit is a comprehensive package designed for entrepreneurs looking to establish a profitable venture in the celebration industry. These kits typically include high-quality materials such as corrugated plastic sheets, acrylic paints, durable markers, stencils, templates, and brushes to simplify the creation of visually appealing and weather-resistant signs. Providing guidance on effective design techniques and business strategies, the kit equips users with the tools needed to attract customers. Some kits may include pre-made templates for popular birthday themes, ensuring efficiency in the production process. Wooden stakes or metal H-frames are often part of the package to support the signs in various outdoor environments. Additionally, access to online tutorials or workshops may be offered to enhance users' artistic and entrepreneurial skills. By offering a comprehensive solution, the birthday yard sign business kit enables individuals to turn their creative passion into a thriving business, providing a unique and memorable way for people to celebrate birthdays in their communities.

1. Alphabet Set x 1
2. Consonants Set x 1
3. Happy Birthday Set x 1
4. Number Set x 2
5. Celebration Set x 2
6. Balloon Package x 2
7. Large Greeting Sign x 1
8. Large Happy Birthday Sign x 1
9. 30" Metal Stake - Pack of 50
10. 15" Metal Stake - Pack of 100

Click on the below link to submit your colour selection for each package:

Optional Metal stake

Material: 4mm Coroplast

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