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Trade Show Cases for Shipping Booth Supplies and Equipment

Want to protect promotional displays and booth accessories in transit to and from sales meetings, conventions, and other marketing events? Choose a trade show case with a hard shell and padding over a traditional thin plastic tote or flimsy cardboard box to protect your presentation equipment. Smaller versions of these containers with handles and shoulder straps store gaming tables and organize the supplies so they don't get lost. Your banners can be rolled up inside one of these waterproof holders to prevent staining and wrinkling. Our trade show cases with wheels make it easy to transport heavy or large exhibit supplies including counters and AV equipment. Avoid shipping hazards by choosing trade show cases to keep expensive technology from getting jostled during transport. Many of the containers we offer include caster wheels and extendable handles for manoeuvring equipment effortlessly across a convention hall or school auditorium. For added security when shipping supplies, choose trade show cases with nylon straps and ATA style buckles that keep the carry case closed during transit.

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