Tradeshow Lighting

Are you looking for more ways to attract attention to an important piece at your convention exhibit? Perhaps you’re trying to find a better way to make custom graphics and banners shine or thrust a new product into the limelight. There are unlimited reasons you need to illuminate parts of your booth. Trade show lighting is an essential tool for any presentation by helping exhibits stand out from the competition and giving specific products the attention they deserve. We offer a variety of options, including models with halogen bulbs and eco-friendly LED’s for those who are a part of the “go green” initiative. Choose from either spotlight or flood lighting to suit each exhibits individual needs. Booth lights, such as spotlights cast narrow rays on a focused target, while flood lighting will wash over larger spaces. Trade show lighting can be attached to exhibit backdrops, banner stands, and pop-up pieces with ease, increasing product exposure within seconds. Display lights, in the right places, will make presentations stand out among the competition and draw more attention from convention attendees.

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