Wall Mural / Graphic - Textured

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A wall mural transforms blank spaces into vibrant expressions of art, adding personality and character to any environment. These large-scale paintings or designs can range from abstract patterns to intricate landscapes, reflecting diverse themes and styles. Often created by skilled artists, murals captivate viewers with their bold colours and intricate details, telling stories or conveying messages. They serve as focal points in homes, businesses, and public spaces, sparking conversation and inspiration. Whether adorning city streets or adorning interior walls, wall murals evoke emotions, provoke thought, and contribute to the cultural landscape, enriching communities with creativity and beauty.


  • 6mil
  • Removable Adhesive
  • Textured
  • No Lamination Required


  • Retail Store
  • Office / Reception Area
  • Walkway / Pathway
  • Kid's Room
  • Elevator Wrap
  • Counter Wrap

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