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The Spiral Twister 2-Tier Counter stands out as a dynamic and versatile display solution, frequently employed in retail environments to maximize product visibility and create an engaging shopping experience. With its innovative two-tiered design and spiraling shelves, crafted from durable materials like acrylic or metal, this counter not only optimizes space but also adds an aesthetic touch to the presentation of small to medium-sized items. Its ascending spiral structure is particularly effective for showcasing products such as cosmetics and accessories. Beyond its visual appeal, the counter encourages customer interaction, making it an ideal choice for point-of-sale locations, checkout counters, or areas dedicated to product promotions. Retailers appreciate its compact yet impactful design, as it seamlessly combines elegance with functionality, allowing for efficient space utilization and extended product exposure. The Spiral Twister 2-Tier Counter embodies innovation in retail display, contributing to a heightened retail experience by drawing attention to featured items and promoting a dynamic shopping atmosphere.

  • Customizable with digitally printed graphic panels
  • Collapsable for easy storage & transportation
  • Comes with padded nylon wheeled carrying case
  • Option to add showcase lighting with energy saving battery powered LED pod light

Product Specifications

  • Dimension:
    • Tall: 41″
    • Counter Top: 23″ (D)
  • Package Weight:  24 lbs.
  • Package Dimension: 25″ x 25″ x 8″
  • Lead Time:
    • Hardware: 5 – 8 Business Days
    • Print (PVC): 5 – 8 Business Days
  • Rush Order Available:
    • Next Day Service – $100 per unit


 Twister Counter



 Twister Counter


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 Twister Counter

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