Retail Store Coroplast Signage

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Coroplast signage enhances the visual appeal of retail stores with its lightweight, durable, and cost-effective design. Crafted from corrugated plastic, these signs offer versatility in conveying promotional messages, sales, or brand information. Their weather-resistant properties make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring longevity and visibility. Coroplast signage is easily customizable, allowing retailers to showcase vivid graphics and bold text, attracting customer attention effectively. Its affordability makes it a practical choice for businesses seeking impactful marketing solutions. Whether used for temporary promotions or permanent displays, coroplast signage proves to be a reliable and eye-catching tool for enhancing the overall shopping experience in retail stores.



  • 4mm / 6mm / 10mm Coroplast (Rigid plastic material)
  • Full Color UV Single-Sided Printed
  • Waterproof & UV Proof

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