Poster (Gloss Paper or Synthetic Paper)

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Printed posters remain a timeless medium for conveying messages, whether promoting events, art exhibitions, or political campaigns. Their tangible presence commands attention in public spaces, offering a visual narrative that captivates passersby. With vibrant colors and bold typography, posters engage viewers instantly, transcending language barriers to communicate ideas effectively. From vintage designs to modern innovations, they serve as cultural artifacts, preserving moments in history. Printed on durable paper, they withstand environmental elements, ensuring longevity in streets and galleries alike. Beyond advertising, posters spark dialogue, provoke thought, and inspire action, embodying the power of visual communication in a digital age.


  • 9mil Gloss Paper
  • 10mil Synthetic Paper (Waterproof)
  • Media Max Width - 50" wide


  • Retail Store
  • Office / Reception Area
  • Walkway / Pathway
  • Kid's Room

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