Life Size Cutout Sign

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Life-size cutout signs offer a whimsical yet impactful way to grab attention. Standing tall, they beckon passersby with their larger-than-life presence. Whether it's a celebrity, a beloved character, or a product mascot, these cardboard creations bring personality to events, stores, or parties. They serve as photo ops, encouraging engagement and social sharing. From birthday celebrations to marketing campaigns, life-size cutout signs inject fun and excitement into any environment. Portable and easy to set up, they're versatile tools for branding or entertainment. With their ability to captivate audiences and leave lasting impressions, life-size cutout signs truly stand out in the crowd.

*** NOTE ***

If any sign is greater than 36" tall, it will be scored in half for shipping.


  • 4mm or 10mm Coroplast (Rigid plastic material)
  • 3/16" or 1/2" Foam Board (Smooth Surface)
  • Easel Back Stand
  • Full Color UV Single-Sided Printed

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