Custom Giant Cheques

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Oversized cheques, also known as giant cheques, offer a whimsical twist to traditional banking. Typically used for public presentations, donations, or awards ceremonies, they add flair and visibility to celebratory events. Customizable in size, design, and content, these larger-than-life cheques serve as symbolic representations of generosity, achievement, or recognition. Their conspicuous dimensions make them perfect for photo opportunities, generating social media buzz, and enhancing brand visibility. Whether presented to charity beneficiaries or contest winners, oversized cheques inject a sense of fun and grandeur into special occasions, leaving a lasting impression on recipients and spectators alike.


  • 46" x 23"



  • 4mm Coroplast
  • 3/16" Foam Board
  • 6mm Coroplast
  • 1/2" Foam Board

Item is Print to Order. Orders cannot be cancelled once submitted. The final size of the sign may be +/- 0.5".

All sales final, with no returns and no exchanges.

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