Baseball Line-Up Magnetic Board

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This magnetic board will help coaches and players to easily identify players’ fielding position and batting line-up.

• Metal Memo Board – 15 ¾x23 ½(from Ikea –
• 1 set of custom magnetic names for Batting Lineup – up to QTY 13
• 1 set of custom magnetic names for Fielding Lineup – up to QTY 13
• Team Logo placement (based on our generic layout, any other custom design will be an extra charge)

Complete Set #1
• No carrying case, bulk packaging

Complete Set #2
• With carrying case - 14.3" x 11.2" x 1"

To place an order, please submit the following:
• Team name
• Player name
• Player number (if needed)
• Team logo (in PDF).
Replacement Name Set – $30 (for each set)

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