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Backlit film, a versatile material in graphic design and advertising, is characterized by its translucent nature, allowing light to pass through, illuminating vibrant colors and sharp imagery. Comprising layers of durable polyester or vinyl, it's engineered for durability and weather resistance, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Popular in signage, retail displays, and lightboxes, its ability to showcase rich hues and intricate details captivates viewers, making it a preferred choice for impactful visual communication. With advancements in printing technology, backlit films offer high-resolution output, ensuring crisp graphics even in low-light environments. Its flexibility and eye-catching appeal make it indispensable in modern marketing campaigns.


  • 8mil Backlit Film
  • Satin Finishing
  • Media Max Width - 50"


  • Retail Store
  • Office / Reception Area
  • Bus Stop
  • Snap Frame

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